Lash Lift is the hottest trending lash service right now! Lash Lift will transform your natural lashes, making them perfectly styled and curled. This long-lasting and low maintenance service will simplify your morning routine. Lash Lift will last 4-12 weeks and can be redone at your discretion. (no regular upkeep required)

At Beautyco. we use the safest products on the market (Sodium Bromate Free!). Many solutions out there are simply too strong and can more easily over process lashes. We use the most gentle products that produce the most dramatic results with out risk to your own lashes. It's amazing how much longer your natural lashes can look when they are lifted and the tips are visible.


Add a tint to your service and get the most impact (To add tint make sure to select "Lash lift + Tint" as your booking line item. Tinting in addition to your Lash Lift will darken your natural lashes allowing you to skip the mascara. If your lashes are already dark, a Lash Tint will add extra shine, add colour to the tips and more depth and drama to your existing look.


Friends don’t let friends lash alone. Grab your bestie for some quality glam time and save $20 on our Lash Lift for Two service.

How to Prepare for your Lash Lift Application

  • Please DO NOT wear any make up to your appointment. 


  •  Do not wear contact lenses to your appointment.


  • Please make sure to inform your therapist of any known eye conditions before your appointment, in cases of infections etc... this treatment may not be suitable at this time.

  • Avoid any oil based products around the eyes.


  • Please inform your therapist if you suffer from claustrophobia or have any neck problems.

  • Please arrive to your appointment on time to maximize the time allotted to your appointment.


  • To change or cancel an appointment please call 48h prior to scheduled appointment time.


The after care given is to ensure you fully understand what you should and shouldn't do 24hrs post treatment. Following these instructions will help your lift and tint lash 4-8 weeks and ensure the health of your lashes.

  • Keep Lashes DRY for 24hrs.

  • Avoid RUBBING eyes.

  • Do not apply mascara for 24h

  • do not sleep on side or front for 24hrs

  • Avoid Direct Heat, sauna, sweating or swimming for 24hrs